about me 

Height: 5"8   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Auburn   |  Dress: 2 

  Weight: 115 LBS  |  Shoe: 9.5/10   |   Bust: 31A   |   Waist: 26   |   Hips: 35     

I'm Chantel Barrett, a strong, hard working, growing model in Denver, Colorado who loves and enjoys to strut my walk on the runway in my own home state. But now I'm ready for that next big step into the fashion world. Intake as much knowledge of fashion and the people who bring it all to life. To meet, work with and see the beautiful, hard working beings there are in the world. I want to be the next inspiring model to all, young and old, female and male. I am always pushing to be a better self then the days before and to live out my dreams big and small. I love to be that story in the captured moment when the camera snaps, sometimes in a flash, a story told even if its seen differently from who all sees it either it be fashion or not... it's still being told. 



Denver Fashion Week   |   303Magazine  |   2015-Present  | Runway Model

Red Ball   |  HIV&AIDS Awareness   |   2016-Present  |  Runway Model

Denver Unique Week of Fashion   |   Jana Smith   |   2017-Present  |  Runway Model 

RAW Artists  |   2016-Present  |   Runway Model 

Rescue Runway  |  Furry Little World  |   2015, 2016, 2017  |   Runway Model 

Galaxy Fest |  2017, 2018  |   Runway Model 


New Light Photography   |   Photoshoot   |   2015-2017  | Editorial Model

Bill Johnson   |   Photoshoot   |   2016-Present  | Editorial Model

Aaron Root   |   Photoshoot   |   2018-Present  |   Editorial Model 

Nicholas Anthony Clothing   |   Photoshoot   |   2015-Present  |  Editorial Model


Goldie Mae Productions  |   Model Challenge  |   2018  |  Editorial Model


Denver Open Media   |  Fashion   |   2016-Present  |   Model

Goldie Mae Productions   |   Model Walk Video   |   2018  |   Model

Daisy Blue Fashion Variety Show  |  2016-Present |   Live Action Model

Brand Ambassodor

Bmerlot Designs |  Brooke Snelgrove   |   2018-Present  |  Ambassodor Model

 Training & Workshops 

Goldie Mae Productions  |   Model Challenge   |  Julie Gallahue

Nicholas Anthony Clothing |   Model Connection   |   Anthony Heimann

Edwynn Designs  |   Edwynn Training Workshop  |   Eddie Ricke 

 Special Skills 

"Take a good look at Chantel Barrett execute a perfect S shape pose. Start at Chantel's head and let your eye move from there down her right arm, which will naturally connect with her hip and offers a nice curve at the elbow. Continue down her leg until it takes a dramatic turn into the opposite direction from her bent knee and you are following her calf straight to the floor. And SNAP! Chantel nails it." -Julie Gallahue, Goldie Mae Productions

Photographer: Aaron Root 

Design: Nicholas Anthony Clothing 

© 2018